Preparing my Vegetable Garden


We decided to rent a garden and start growing our own veggies. I’m pretty excited to start planting! We filmed how we prepared our garden in this video. We already have a lot of ideas for vegetables we want to grow, but if you have suggestions for autumn/winter veggies we’d be happy to hear!


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  • Rachel Carrow より:

    If you want some good natural fertilizers you can use egg shells that have been crushed into a fine powder or even coffee grounds. Coffee grounds release nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other minerals acting as a great natural slow-release fertilizer to the plants and use egg shells to replace the calcium the plants take out of the soil during growing process.

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  • ɓσσɦ より:

    cara eles são tão inteligentes ai

  • sorayyah yusrizal より:

    So frustated seing you do the ground like that.. it better next time you do it 1 line to back rather than going left and right. Then you sould dump the ground and give it salt then afterthat wait for a week or two ( if raining its 2 weeks). And its better if you give your ground some earth worm after fertilizing. Arrrrrgh…

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